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Write a book , do what you love,
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Creat 🎉 Share 🚀 Earn ☕

Accept Tips offers a unique, fun, and simple method to receive support messages and tips from people who appreciate your work! By using Bikahveal as a tip jar, you can allow your supporters to gift your activity.

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Sell Your Products and Services

By opening your Store, add digital or physical items immediately. There is no subscription or activation fee. Simply place your products or services and start selling immediately!

`What can you sell?:
  • Physical products
  • Digital products
  • Affiliate products
  • Your Services
  • Event tickets
  • Print on Demand

Offer Membership

By creating a monthly membership channel, enable your followers to become exclusive members who can support you every month at various price levels.
Reward members with unique gifts such as roles, exclusive content, or physical items.


Answers to Your Questions is the simplest way for you to earn money directly from your fans. You can accept donations, create membership levels, open an online store and earn commissions with a 9% platform fee.

Artists, streamers, podcasters, writers, photographers, filmmakers, influencers and anyone who creates useful content can use

You can transfer the revenues obtained from supporters and sales of products and services through the platform to your Bank IBAN account as soon as it is activated in your account. It's that simple!

We charge 9% commission which includes all transaction fees and our commission.

Of course not! We love coffee, but that's just a metaphor for friendship. Simply asking fans to "buy a coffee" to support your cause is simpler than just "donating." You can also change "coffee" to something else that suits your taste. For example, instead of coffee; you can ask for tea, donuts, hamburgers, water or pizza.

It all depends on the relationship and communication with your followers and fans. As, we do not apply any limit to the amount that can be collected. All you have to do is create, share, sell and earn.

Yes, you can.

The project is a project of BonPay Elektronik Ticaret ve Bilişim Teknolojileri Limited Şirketi, the company’s office in İstanbul, Turkiye. Our team and company are graduates of the 500 Global Acceleration program and winners of many startup competitions.
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Creat 🎉 Share 🚀 Earn ☕

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